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Assessment of Student Learning at Penn State

“Program and learning assessment resonate with what we as faculty do in our own scholarly research. We try creative new approaches, but need to conduct careful analyses and apply appropriate metrics to evaluate whether they are really working and achieving the outcomes we anticipated and want to see.”

—Robert Pangborn, Vice President and Dean for Undergraduate Education

Since 2005, Penn State has embarked on processes designed to assess and improve student learning within five spheres of assessment, including academic program assessment (aka learning outcomes assessment - LOA), course assessment, institutional assessment, general education assessment and co-curricular assessment.

The purpose of this website is to inform administrators, faculty and staff of assessment initiatives as well as to support academic program assessment efforts. The site is under the purview of the Assessment Coordinating Committee (ACC), a committee of the Administrative Council on Undergraduate Education, and managed by the Schreyer Institute for Teaching Excellence.

Academic Program Assessment

Members of the ACC have developed expectations and due dates for the academic program assessment process at Penn State. ACC members partner with Schreyer Institute consultants to review assessment plans and provide feedback.

Schreyer Institute consultants are available to consult with individuals or groups who are developing data collection plans or interpreting assessment data. Please contact them at assess@psu.edu.

Assessment Initiatives